About GSL

GSL Solutions Inc’s technologies are founded by the marriage of the minds of an engineer, Steve Garrett and a pharmacist, Shelton Louie. Both understood from the very beginning that prescriptions are physical products and needed to be tracked physically. Further, they added the requirement that the technology they developed needed to track automatically, without repetitive scanning. These requirements led them to use RFID in their family of products which all run on the IntelliSys platform ensuring accountability.

  • IntelliCab™ for will call tracking and storage
  • IntelliVault™ for controlled substance storage, filling and retrieval
  • IntelliVault MTB™ for Meds-to-Bed dispensing at patient bedside
  • IntelliVault RD™ for remote delivery of medications

The family of products are based on real-time RFID and integrate seamlessly allowing for the tracking of medications from receiving through sale. Efficiency in operations is achieved through an automated C2 log, 100% user accountability and pill tracking.

The IntelliCab™ became the world’s first smart and interactive system based on real-time RFID tracking and designed specifically for pharmacy will-call. As a standard of practice, its simple elegance combined with ease of use, eliminates rummaging and picking errors. IntelliCab was the first Enterprise Level System offering simultaneous multi-user functionality while providing full user accountability. With IntelliCab, there are no more misfiling or picking errors, while providing safe C2 will-call storage, reduced transaction times and space savings.

GSL Solutions Will-Call IntelliCab™ System in Action

Shelton Louie, RPH stands in front of the Intellicab System

Co-Founder Shelton Louie, RPH demonstrates the Intellicab System.

About The Founders

Shelton Louie, RPH

Shelton is a graduate from Oregon State University where he majored in Pharmacy. He worked at Fred Meyer for 30 years beginning as a pharmacist and working to become a regional supervisor of pharmacy. In 1998 he began developing what is now known as the IntelliCab System with Steve Garrett. In 2000, GSL Solutions, Inc. began and Shelton transitioned to working solely for the company over the next six years.

During his free time, Shelton volunteers at St. Joseph Catholic School with the golf tournament and the Vancouver International Food Festival. He is a donor and spends time with St. Vincent De Paul and OSU College of Pharmacy. Shelton also participates in the Chinese Community cultural events sponsored by the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association.

October 2012, Shelton was named the Pharmacy Alumni Fellow through Oregon State University and will be named the OSU Pharmacy Icon in 2015.

Joe Intile

Joe is a graduate from Portland State University where he majored in Finance. Joe has a long retail background that started back in High school / College with Payless Drug Stores NW (Now Rite Aid), Fred Meyer Stores (now a division of the Kroger Co), and The Kroger Co . Joe held various positions in his retail career mostly in the area of supply chain and logistics, and manufacturing and engineering and left The Kroger Company as the Senior Vice President of Logistics. Joe went on to hold senior executive positions with Columbia Distributing (Beverage, Beer, and Wine) and Hollywood Entertainment (video movie, games rental and retail), both headquartered in Portland Oregon.

Joe reunited with Shelton initially as an investor in GSL Solutions in 2005. Over the next several years Joe and Shelton planned out when he would end his consulting work and join GSL Solutions full time, which became possible in 2007.

Steve Garrett

Steve is a graduate of Oregon State University where he majored in Electrical and Computer Engineering, with Minors in System Architecture and Software Engineering. His career has taken numerous turns including lengthy work in the Power Industry. While in that industry his 1995 groundbreaking work led to the creation of Internet based Communication Standards and Methods for Power Sales and Transmission on the power grid.

In 1998 Shelton (a friend since High School), approached Steve with a Pharmacy problem and an idea. “My technicians can’t find patients prescriptions, but the Laundry & Cleaners down the street can find the right clothes!” Shortly after, Steve created the database software for the first optically driven Cubby System which was deployed into a retail store with literally an overnight success. The same successes were noted with the 2nd and 3rd stores following in 1999 and in fact every store ever installed. This system eventually evolved into the IntelliCab system.

In his spare time Steve enjoys time with family and friends, working on holiday lighting projects and occasional gardening.