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by 66th Medical Squadron Pharmacy

6/25/2014 – HANSCOM AIR FORCE BASE, Mass. — Patients visiting 66th Medical Squadron Pharmacy will notice some changes behind the pharmacy counter beginning June 23, 66 MDS officials announced recently.

The paper bags containing patient’s medications will be eliminated. In its place will be new technology aimed at merging five pharmacy filling steps into one complete system.
The technology is called the Will-Call Intellicab System and was designed by Global Script Locator Solutions, Inc., or GSL Solutions, Inc.

The Will-Call Intellicab System provides state-of-the-art prescription storage that safely secures medications until time of pick up.

“Will-Call Intellicab requires the same two identifiers patients have always provided when picking up medications, patient name and date of birth,” said Maj. Joshua Elston, 66 MDS Diagnostics and Therapeutics Flight commander and Pharmacy manager. “Patients’ signatures are also required at the time of pick up to verify delivery. Patients will no longer sign for each individual prescription, eliminating the paper shuffle back and forth between pharmacy staff and patient. It’s now automated.”

GSL`s prescription storage system uses infrared identification tags with patented scanners, lockable electronic cabinets, strategically designed storage drawers and computerized data-tracking software to make this happen effectively.

“This technology will reduce the workload of the pharmacy staff who previously searched through bins and bagging systems to deliver prescriptions to the correct person,” Elston added. “This system addresses safety issues to ensure accuracy and improve efficiency and accountability.”

Using the GSL solution eliminates bundling and sorting error common in pharmacies. Family members often pick up others’ medications at the same time.

In addition, it will eliminate potential confusion among the prescriptions and provide every patient with the most up-to-date information on medications that contain specific warnings.

Finally, tracking of medications with federal restrictions is maintained electronically in a single location by a single utility.

“Our end-of-day checklist, the things we do to prepare the pharmacy for another day’s work, has been dramatically shortened,” said Elston.. “At the end of the day, patients really want to know if this new technology will get them their medications faster.”

In which he insists will be faster and safer.

For further information, contact the Pharmacy at 781-225-6789.


  1. I am a PIC for a hospital’s pharmacy. We are looking for a reasonably priced medications dispensing machine to dispense doses on patients names. Do you sell medication dispensing machines?

  2. Looking to inquire into pricing options for the GSL, for our Hospital Outpatient Pharmacy.

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