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The IntelliVault System

See the IntelliVault System in action. The IntelliVault is a revolutionary controlled drug storage, prescription filling, and retrieval System.

ABC News Report on GSL’s RFID pharmacy technology

Long lines are a thing of the past at one Fresno medical center pharmacy . GSL’s IntelliCab™ System streamlined the Kaiser Permanente in Fresno.

GSL Solutions Will-Call IntelliCab™ System in Action

GSL Solutions Will-Call IntelliCab™ System makes prescription retrieval efficient and accurate. See it in action.

Co-Founder Shelton Louie – 2012 Alumni Fellow

Shelton Louie – 2012 Alumni Fellow, nominated by the College of Pharmacy. Oregon State University Alumni Association

GSL Solutions Patient Safety Video

GSL Solutions Will-Call IntelliCab™ System is an intelligent new system designed to provide unparalleled safety and worker efficiency as you identify, track, store, and accurately retrieve every prescription ─ every time.