The complete will call solution for tracking and storing prescriptions, streamlining your pharmacy operations by "just moving it".


IntelliCab uses radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to streamline every stage of your pharmacy operation—from label print to patient pickup. The IntelliCab System combines standard RFID tags (affixed to our Smart Baskets) with GSL's proprietary RFID readers, our unique lock-able electronic cabinet design, our three dimensional storage drawers, and our real time tracking software to make your will-Call operation more accurate, more efficient, more professional and much more profitable.

  • Lockable and secure, HIPAA compliant-suitable for Schedule II prescription drug storage
  • Drawers can be individually configured from small to extra large SmartBasket cells to meet your pharmacies's unique patient characteristics.
  • Randomly file SmartBaskets in any drawer in any open cell
  • Follow the lights to the correct drawer, then to the correct cell(s) to retrieve prescriptions
  • Return-to-stock is performed with the touch of a button in minutes instead of hours
  • Employee authentication by badge at each drawer, with an alarm for unauthorized personnel
  • Multiple employees can access IntelliCabs and perform the same type or different functions efficiently without interruption or mishandling
  • Easy to install without construction or disruption to your operation while saving up to 50% of will call space

the last ten feet of pharmacy operation

Auto Features


  • 3 and 4 Drawer Models
  • Fully RFID Enabled Will-Call Cabinets
  • RFID Enabled Smart Baskets
  • Space Efficient Footprint
  • Lockable
  • Oversize Bin, Refrigerator Storage Management
  • Custom Size/Mix of SmartBaskets
  • Full Employee Authentication
  • Pick-to-Light and Sound Technology
  • Secure Filing for Schedule
  • Return to Stock (Non Compliance) Advisor
  • Automatic 2nd Patient Identifier
  • Simultaneous Operation by Multiple Users
  • AutoPrintTM - Automatically Print Medical Guides
  • AutoRingTM - Automatically Populate POS
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Central Fill Integration
  • Hands Free Work Flow Tracking
  • Ability to Conform to Corporate Policies
  • Prescription Monitoring Program Reporting
  • IntelliSys MaxSecureTM (DIACAP Certified)
  • GSL is SOC2 Certified
  • FDA MedGuides-Print or Email Prescription Monographs. Print-on-Demand Eliminates Shipping Paper


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