IntelliStock Features

  • IntelliStock improves your pharmacy workflow and efficiency
  • Eliminate rummaging with discrete “Pick to the light” technology
  • Faster and more accurate retrieval of medications
  • System performs automatic “NDC verification” while identifying the right stock bottle and the quantity of a drug needed
  • Maintains complete chain of custody and pedigree from stock receiving to prescription filling
  • Eliminate repetitive scanning every time a stock bottle is accessed for filling a prescription or returning it to the cabinet
  • Randomized filing of your inventory
  • System uses oldest drugs first automatically
  • Easy replenishment of stock formulary
  • Easy change of stock formulary
  • Logs ALL transactions and user activities automatically with AutoLogTM
  • Limits user access to only the specific drugs needed to fill a prescription
  • Eliminates shrink and drug loss by replacing today’s “open face/open access” drug storage cabinets
  • Inventory reporting can be configured to meet any of your internal needs and pharmacy board requirements
  • The IntelliStock’s space saving footprint easily fits in the same space as your current drug storage cabinet, and provides you with more storage capacity
  • Configurable mechanical and electrical locks meet security requirements

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